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Jazykové studio Bonmot Nabízíme individuální výuku až 13 světových i exotických jazyků Praha School507
Tutor, s.r.o. Jazyková škola, Příprava na vysoké školy a státní maturity, pomaturitní studium, profesní kurzy a semináře Praha 1 School24
Agentura VIKA - jazyková škola Nabízíme jazykové kurzy A, N, FR, Šp, Itl, Ruš a Nor. Jednoleté denní studium, docházkové gramaticko - konverzační kurzy, dopolední, odpolední i večerní, víkendové kurzy, firemní výuka na zakázku, příprava ke státním a mezinárodním zkouškám. Brno
AHEAD Language Agency Angličtina, Němčina, Italština, Francouzština, Španělština, Ruština, Portugalština Pardubice
Slůně-svět jazyků, s.r.o. Jazyková škola a překladatelská agentura Ostrava-Vítkovice School175
Jazyková agentura NOISIS Jazyková agentura NOISIS - 40 světových jazyků. Maximálně 7 studentů ve skupině Praha
Jazyková škola Lingua Centrum Jazyková škola Olomouc, Prostějov, Přerov,Teplice, Zlín - jazykové centrum Zlín Prštné Olomouc
OBCHODNÍ INSTITUT - Ing.Mária Václavíková Vzdělávací agentura - jazykové kurzy a rekvalifikační kurzy, přípravné kurzy na VŠ a k maturitám, účetní a daňová školení, roční pomaturitní studium, Anglická škola. Praha 5
Caledonian School Jazyková škola Caledonian School je Vaším partnerem pro jazykové vzdělávání Praha 1 School115
Institut vzdělávání SOKRATES Jazykové kurzy, překlady a tlumočení Ostrava 2 School87
Jazykové centrum Correct Jazykové kurzy, firemní a individuální výuka v 15 jazycích. Doučování jazyků. Jazykové korektury. Překlady. Knihovna cizojazyčné literatury. Brno School513
ASTRA-jazyková škola Angličtina pro děti i dospělé. Angličtina pro celou rodinu Brno School517
Cloverleaf jazyková škola ... a neztratíte řeč! Ostrava-Zábřeh School273
Jazykové kurzy, s.r.o. Jazykové kurzy Praha Praha 1
Jazyková škola Pelikán Jazyková škola v Brně s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Brno School248
Jazyková škola Educo ČB Středisko jazykového a odborného vzdělávání s pomaturitním studiem povoleným MŠMT České Budějovice
Berry Váš partner pro jazyky a kariéru Teplice School522
London Institute Praha, s.r.o. Nabízíme jazykové kurzy angličtiny, španělstiny a francouzštiny Praha School166
MAVO Jazyková škola s tradicí od r. 1994 Praha


Maturita z AJ v kostce - Maturitní otázky

  England is highly industrialized and the earliest developments of modern industry took place there. Many of important inventions, such as invention of the steam engine by James Watt, were made by Englishmen.   Britain\'s main industry was coal mining. Glasgow and New...

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American and british education - Maturitní otázky

l8. MATURITNÍ OTÁZKA Z ANJ ? AMERICAN AND BRITISH EDUCATION I like to start with education in Britain. In Great Britain is education compulsory from 5 to16 years. We can divided 3 kind of education, there are : 1.state schools 2. private schools, which are also called indepe...

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American literature - Maturitní otázky

American literature Until the end of the 18 th century, American literature was little else than a branch of English literature, and produced few works of outstanding merit. Washington Irving may be considered as the real founder of American literature. The literature written during the perio...

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American literature between World Wars - Maturitní otázky

American literature between World Wars   After the World War I. a group of known as the ?Lost generation? entered literature. They were writers who were influenced by the war; some of they were on the service in the Army like Hemingway or Dos Passos. Their experience resulted in ...

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Australia - Maturitní otázky

AUSTRALIA: Geography: Australia is smallest, youngest continent, with the lowest population density. It is a lonely and it is often said that Australia lies at the edge of the world, divided from other continents by long distances. We also sometimes called this Australia as a country of antipo...

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Australie - Maturitní otázky

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Being fit and Healthy - Maturitní otázky

14 - Being fit and Healthy Medical care of any type in our country is free of charge, although there are now many private doctors. We do not pay for prescriptions or for some medicines. As to financial help after giving birth, mothers get benefits for three years after the birth of a child. For th...

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British and American Literature - Maturitní otázky

06 - British and American Literature BRITISH The oldest literature monument of the Anglo-Saxon period is an old Germanic legend about Beowulf (from the 8th century). This heroic poem is about a strong hero Beowulf. During the Middle Ages, Roman Catholic church was strongly criticised by John...

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Canada - Maturitní otázky

Canada Canada is situated on the whole northern part of North America. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. Other big cities are Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg or Calgary. The name Canada is believed to have originated with the first inhabitants since the Huron-Iroquois Indians used ...

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Canada, Australia - Maturitní otázky

05 - Canada, Australia Australia General info: Area : 7,69 sq. km Inhabitants : 17,3 mil Capital : Canberra (310,000) Other cities : Sydney (3,6 mil), Melbourne (3,1 mil), Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane (1,1 mil) Inner parts : States: New South Wales (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), Que...

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Canada, Australia, New Zeland - Maturitní otázky

Canada Canada is the second largest country in the world (after Russia). Its area is about 10 milion sq km and the population is about 30 milion people. In Canada lives the majority, which is of European origin (mostly of French or English origin), but we can find North American Indians and Inui...

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Changing technology - Maturitní otázky

24 - Changing technology Science and technology are moving so fast that it is difficult to keep up, let alone understand, to all new developments. Mechanization, automation and robots make people?s work easier in many branches of industry, and have become a common occurrence. Progress in the 20t...

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Classic American literature - Maturitní otázky

Classic American literature   The classic American literature brought literature among the members of the important literatures of the world. The first author is Washington Irving, essayist, storywriter, historian and biographer. He wrote a large biography of George Washington, h...

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Climate and climatic zones - Maturitní otázky

Climate and climatic zones ? The different between climate and weather ? What can influence (effect) the climate ? Give characteristic of each climatic zone ? Some types of landscape ? What can climate influence? At first I would like to explain the difference between climate and wea...

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Communication, media - Maturitní otázky

22 - Communication, media Todays era brings us many kinds of media. I am going to begin with the oldest kind of media. So, one of the oldest are newspapers. First newspaper appeared in the 17th century, after Johaness Gutenberg´s printing discovery in 1450. We can divid newspapers to sever...

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Culture ? arts, cinemas, theatres, music - Maturitní otázky

20 ? Culture ? arts, cinemas, theatres, music Culture life in our city is very rich. There are lot of cinemas, theatres and music clubs. The number of cinemas in Prague is still increasing. There are old cinemas (for example on Wenceslas Square Blaník, Lucerna, Světozor) and the new huge co...

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Describing people - Maturitní otázky

Describing people   I have never had many friends. First friends I met, when I began attend kindergarten. Friends changed with changing school. Only one girl attended kindergarten with me and first three form. Her name was the same as mine - Jitka. She was as tall as me, had shou...

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Education - Maturitní otázky

EDUCATION, SCHOOLDAYS   A/ the main differences among education in our country, in the U.S.A. and Great Britain   THE CZECH SYSTEM OF EDUCATION   School attendance in the C.R. is compulsory from the age of 6 to 15. Most children attend state school, but there are also ne...

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housing, living - Maturitní otázky

Přes 2 strany A4 náhled: What kind of things can go wrong in a house? Many things can go wrong… Pipes can burst… Roofs can leak…Cracks can form in the walls… Windows can smash… Pipes can become blocked… Electricity can short circuit…. Bulbs ...

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shopping, lifestyle - Maturitní otázky

2 stránky A4 Náhled:      The most common shop in Britain is the grocer’s (smíšené zboží). He sells food, such as tea, coffee, sugar, flour, butter, cheese, eggs, jam or tinned food. Another common shop is the chemist’s (l&e...

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Food, gastronomy, healthy diet - Maturitní otázky

Rozsah 1,5 stran A4 Náhled: The midday meal is called lunch. Lunch consists of a soup, a main dish, something to drink and salad or desert. The soup can be clear (beef, chicken or vegetable) or thick (potato, tomato, cauliflower, goulash or cream of mushroom). The main dish can be sweet (du...

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Travelling, transport - Maturitní otázky

Rozsah 1 strana A4 Náhled: Cars and motorbikes are expensive to purchase and in addition one also has to pay for petrol, which if the vehicle has a big consumption, cost a lot of money as well. For short and middle distances a car is fast enough so as not to get too tired by travelling, unl...

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Sports, games, typical sport activities - Maturitní otázky

Rozsah: necelá stránka A4 Náhled: Cars and motorbikes are expensive to purchase and in addition one also has to pay for petrol, which if the vehicle has a big consumption, cost a lot of money as well. For short and middle distances a car is fast enough so as not to get too tir...

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The media, means of communication - Maturitní otázky

1 stránka A4 Náhled: The last kind of mass media is television. It is probably the most common kind of media. There is a lot of people who cannot imagine their lives without television. In the Czech Republic there are not as many television stations as in other countries. As you know...

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Enviromental issues in the world today - Maturitní otázky

Rozsah 1 a čtvrt stránky A4 Náhled: How can the problem of air pollution be solved? People should try to use alternative source of energy, such as solar, water and wind energies. There are more ways to reduce air pollution caused by road traffic. First it is possible to switch freigh...

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Other important issues in the world today - Maturitní otázky

Rozsah 2 strany A4 Náhled: Poverty is a worldwide problem which is the cause of many connected problems. People living in poverty often commit crimes to support themselves or their families. Poor people don’t often have enough to eat, which leads to malnutrition (getting sick from n...

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William Shakespeare - Maturitní otázky

Rozsah: 1 strana A4 Náhled: William Shakespeare is considered to be the world´s greatest playwright. His plays have been performed for centuries and it seems that they will always attract audience and readers. First of all, let me introduce the historical and cultural background assoc...

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The United Kingdom - Maturitní otázky

Rozsah: 1,5 strany A4 Náhled: Basic facts: Great Britain covers more then 250 000 square kilometers and its population is about 58 millions. Great Britain is divided into four parts- England - the biggest, Scotland, Wales (these are three historical parts) and Northern Ireland, which was co...

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The United States of America - Maturitní otázky

Rozsah 1 strana A4 Náhled: The USA consists of fifty states: a block of 48 continental states, Hawaii and Alaska. The capitol is Washington with its own District of Columbia. There is also a seat of the President - the White House. The legislative branch of the federal government is the Con...

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Chcete zdokonalit svou angličtinu? Letní jazykové kurzy jsou to pravé pro Vás! Ohromte po prázdninách své blízké plynulou konverzací v anglickém jazyce. Na naleznete širokou nabídku letn&...


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Rozhovor s Mgr. Pavlem Ryntem, ředitelem jazykové školy EASY ENGLISH®, na téma E-learning – internetový kurz angličtiny 1. Podle čeho může zájemce rozeznat kvalitní on-line kurz? Ještě předtím, než se do kurzu zájemce př...

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